Adobe Illustrator Recovery

This Adobe Illustrator recovery tool uses heuristic algorithms for the restoration of damaged AI files so that you can easily access corrupted documents without sharing sensible information with data recovery engineers. Please note it is not open source to prevent changes in the engine of data restoration and guarantee the highest efficiency of analysis in all instances of corruption.

The software for AI file repair can be downloaded as freeware so you can start analyzing Adobe Illustrator documents without being charged for additional services. This program is not GNU or GPL so it is distributed under its own proprietary license, please note you should register your copy of AI file restoration program and start exporting corrupted AI objects into clean documents.

Illustrator Recovery tool

In the same time, there is no need to worry about the safety of documents, processed by Illustrator Recovery Toolbox (download). There is no any risk for valuable information, because the software works with copies of input data only to prevent the corruption of selected files. This service opens corrupted Illustrator files from any location, the source disk can be local or remote, it allows opening AI files from file servers, network drives and other PC workstations, if the document you need is shared.

This service is easy to start, please click the shortcut of Illustrator Recovery Toolbox immediately after the installation, follow its guidelines and wait for the end of data processing despite the time it may take. If the file of AI supported format is chosen incorrectly, there is no risk for input information, but the processing of a wrong file leads to the wasting of your time. It does not make really sense if this program is installed on a powerful computer and vice versa, the analysis of such documents on slower computers may take a lot of time


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Illustrator Recovery